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A “Trust” is a catchall word for dozens of somewhat similar documents. One basic function of a trust is to protect assets (yours) from taxation or seizure by federal or state authorities. Another reason for creating a trust, is to protect your assets from being squandered by a financially irresponsible heir after you pass away. Most trusts are created when a settlor (you) place titled assets (real estate, bank accounts, retirement funds, etc.) into a legal entity known as a Revocable Trust or an Irrevocable Trust. The assets placed in a trust are thereafter used by you in the manner you have established in the trust, and upon some future event, usually the death of the settlor, the assets will then pass to the persons or institutions you have named in the trust. This ensures that your assets will only be used in the manner you have instructed while minimizing the possibility of taxation or seizure. Needles to say, a trust should only be created by a qualified attorney. Peter Ensign and his paralegals, James Robinson and Taylor Ensign, have provided many families with peace of mind by creating a customized trust that protects their wealth.

Title Services

Ensign Title & Escrow is a full-service title and escrow company. We have conducted over fifteen-thousand closings for the sale or refinance of commercial and residential properties. Our company provides closings to homeowners, private investors, and government agencies. We are licensed in Tennessee and Georgia and are one of the few title companies in Chattanooga, that is owned and operated by an attorney, and that routinely handles complicated residential and commercial transactions. Since 1997 we continue to be a trusted leader in title services. Give us a call and let us get started with your closing.

Wills / POA's

A Last Will and Testament is a vital legal document by which an individual expresses their wishes regarding the final distribution of their property at death. A Power of Attorney (POA) is a written authorization to represent or act on another’s behalf in private affairs, financial, medical, or other legal matters. A Will and POA are often prepared simultaneously. Our office will ensure that your specific needs are met and that the documents are legally binding and valid.

Foreclosure Defense / Loan Modification

A foreclosure is the legal process by which a lender takes control of a property. A loan modification is a change to the original terms of your mortgage. Oftentimes due to financial hardship a person cannot meet their obligations to the bank. When that happens, the bank will threaten the homeowner with foreclosure. A loan modification is often the best option for the homeowner, as it lets them remain in their home and avoid foreclosure. However, if the bank refuses to modify a loan, and proceeds with a foreclosure, we can step-in and protect your interest. Our goal is to keep you in your home and reduce your monthly payments. Our office has helped hundreds of families achieve this with our proven foreclosure defense system and loan modification strategies. If you need foreclosure defense call our office for a consultation to discuss the options available to you.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is the process of managing assets during a person’s lifetime and arranging for distribution of their estate after their death, while minimizing taxation and seizure by state or federal entities. Good estate planning alleviates the stress associated with opening a probate in the court system. After a consultation with Peter, he will advise you on the best way to protect your assets so you can enjoy them now and then pass them along to a future generation. Let us help you protect your assets now and leave a legacy for the next generation.

Title and Deeds

There are often title defects that are completely unknown to the property owner until they attempt to sell their property. Many title issues can delay or even stop the entire closing process. Some of the issues we routinely resolve are tax liens against a property, boundary line disputes, inheritance disputes, and many other problems that could prevent a property from closing on time. Peter Ensign and his closing team at Ensign Title & Escrow, are highly skilled at discovering and solving real estate issues and getting you to the closing table sooner. Whether you need to close a residential or a commercial property, give us a call and we will put our team to work.


The death of a loved one is perhaps the most challenging issue a person will ever face. For a variety of legal reasons, the deceased person’s estate often must be administered through the Probate Court. Whether or not your loved one prepared a Last Will and Testament, Peter and his probate team will handle the complicated process of opening a probate, consolidating assets, accessing bank accounts, obtaining insurance and retirement benefits, and then distributing the assets to the heirs or beneficiaries. If the deceased left real estate behind, we can transfer it to other family members, or arrange for its sale and division of the proceeds.

Civil Litigation

Civil litigation is a legal option available to settle nearly any non-criminal dispute between two or more persons or business entities. Peter Ensign and his legal team have represented hundreds of clients in court at the local, federal, and district appeal level. Peter’s experience and commitment to fighting in behalf of his clients allows him to navigate the complicated and everchanging litigation process and attain the best result possible for his client’s unique situation.

Personal Injury

A personal injury claim compensates a victim of negligence, typically from a motor vehicle wreck. Peter Ensign and his team of paralegals have invested countless hours studying applicable caselaw and statutes and apply that knowledge on your personal injury case. Insurance companies are not inclined to give you the settlement you deserve—that is why you need us. We have the needed legal experience to advocate in your behalf for payment of medical expenses and fair compensation for your pain and suffering. We have a reputation for settling out of court, however, we are not afraid to litigate your case when an insurance company refuses to accept responsibility. Despite what insurance companies claim in their advertisements—they are not looking out for your best interest. 

Real Estate

The biggest financial investment a person will make is usually a real estate purchase. It is also one of the biggest subjects of litigation. At Ensign Title & Escrow, we are dedicated to resolving complicated real estate issues and preventing litigation, however, should litigation become unavoidable, Peter Ensign and his legal team will put their decades of litigation experience to work for you. Many title companies are at a loss when it comes to boundary line disputes, tax liens, clouded titles, and many other issues that have the potential to stop a closing. We are highly regarded for our extensive knowledge of real estate and inheritance law; we find solutions when other lawyers and title companies tell you it is impossible to close a transaction. Our specialty is finding a solution when others have given up.